Antiseptic LLC was born at the beginning of 2020

Antiseptic LLC was formed at the beginning of the spread COVID19 virus when there was no antiseptic at the pharmacies and stores.    

Wile WHO recommendations highlighted the important role of hand hygiene in preventing the transmission of COVID19 there was no hand sanitizer available for purchase. 

Our team has decided to start the production of Hand Sanitizer and developed the project witch came to life in the shortest time period.

Enterprise was established and soon developed antiseptic "SHIELD" was certified and released on sale. 

Download Company Product's presentation here.

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Davit Mazmisvhili


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Khvitcha Tatishvili

Technical Manager

Values, Mission and Goals  


The values of our company are based on the priority of cooperation and creating a safe and quality work environment for employees. We value professionalism and constantly care about employee development. We are committed to the ethics of doing business and we are constantly working with the community as a united member of this society.

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Business ID: 405384089

Bank Account: GE93TB7148736080100006

Tel: +995 577 044 800

Email: sales@antiseptic.ge

Address: Tbilisi, Georgia

                P.Aslanidi Street 23-25