Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Terms of Payment

Model: M1

  • Data: Automatic spray of antiseptic fluid on the hands.

  • Antiseptic fluid storage capacity: 5 liters

  • Number of antiseptic sprays: 7,000 sprays

  • Type of emission: Sensory single

  • Number of Sprayers: two

  • Dimensions: Height -120 cm / width - 40 cm / depth - 30 cm

  • Power supply: 12 volts

  • Weight without antiseptic liquid: 10 kg

  • Price: 1,680 Gel

  • Warranty: 6 months with free service.

  • Special conditions: If you buy an antiseptic disinfectant solution, the price of the device will be reduced by 5% and the warranty will be increased by 6 months.

  • Payment of 70% of the value of the selected dispenser is made upon order and the remaining 30% is paid within 5 days of delivery.

  • Delivery from the order is made within 10 working days.


  • Innovative hand disinfection technology guarantees the rapid destruction of any microorganism, including viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections.

  • The user places his hands in a disinfectant dispenser, and the automatic spray system ensures that the hands are disinfected with a contactless antiseptic solution.

  • 100% safety!


  • Antiseptics used during hand disinfection are deadly to all microorganisms and bacteria, at the same time safe for humans.

  • The minimum drop size of the certified antiseptic solution ensures that the solution penetrates into the largest folds of the skin and completely covers the surface of the hand.


  • Hand-automated disinfectant allows you to radically reduce the consumption of hygiene products (paper towels, napkins, detergents), reduce electricity and water consumption.

  • The temperature is measured along with the hand disinfection by means of a thermometer, and if the temperature exceeds the allowable limit, then the alarm signal on the device is switched on automatically and sounds.

  • In addition to direct savings, the use of an automatic hand-held disinfectant in commercial areas is a powerful marketing tool for attracting visitors. Along with hand disinfection, it is possible to view the screen of an advertising monitor.

                             Dispenser Models

1,680 Gel

1,980 Gel

360 Gel

660 Gel

The dispenser is effectively used in the following areas:  

  • Medical facilities, pharmacies

  • Hotels, restaurants, cafe-bars, fast food outlets

  • Schools and various educational institutions

  • Offices, shopping and entertainment centers, clubs and casinos 

  • Stadiums, sports complexes, fitness centers, beauty salons

  • Museums, theaters, cinemas

  • Gas stations and car dealer centers

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                P.Aslanidi Street 23-25


+995 577 044 800

Tbilisi, Georgia

P.Aslanidi Street 23-25


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